Conrad Mansion Museum | Kalispell, MT

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1041
Kalispell, MT 59903

Executive Director
Will Chippich 

Assistant Director
Brit Clark

Tisch Haas

Gift Shop Manager
Marlene Strand 
Tour Guides 
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Sharon Pearson
Marlene Strand 
Mary Meister
Alex Miller
Brock Adkins
Clarice Sauls
Natasha Gesker
Liv Wilson
​Virginia "Ginny" Swan
Chare` Largent
Katie Boharski

Board of Directors, 2019 


Katharine King, President, UM Rep.
Mary Pat Murphy, Vice President
Everit Sliter, Treasurer, City Rep. 
Carrie Nelson, Secretary, FVCC Rep.  
Sue Corrigan, Past President 

Members at Large 

Beth Collier, Member 
Rita Fitzsimmons, Member, County Rep.
Gary Havens, Member, City Rep.
Teri Iwerson, Member   
Diane Medler, Member, City Rep.   
Mark Norley, Member, County Rep. 
Tia Robbin, Member 
Mark Schickendantz, Member  
Courtenay Sprunger, Member  
Chris Vick, Member, Family Rep. 
Cate Webber, Member

Volunteer Curator of Textiles
Teresa Knutson